The Joule points program

Cycling should be fun! So let’s help make coordinating group rides fun too.

We’re excited to introduce the Joule points program. Earn points by simply using the Chasing Watts website or mobile app. Create a ride – earn points. Join a ride – earn points. Chat on a ride – earn points. You get it.

Have points – get free swag and gear! Simple. Fun.

For more details on the points, how you can earn them and your current total, check it out HERE. You can always see your joule points from your profile menu “My Joules” option.

You must be a registered user on chasing watts to earn any joule points.

Mobile App Update

We’ve been busy squashing bugs in the mobile app!  The next release (v1.0.511) has been deployed to Apple for review and approval.

Some of the fixes & updates includes:

  • Registration process is smoother.
  • Ride roster are tabbed by (yes/interested/no) and sorted by last name.
  • Invited users are marked appropriately and not included in notification.
  • If a ride with gps route was used, you can jump to the source route from within the route tab.
  • Updated profile management, including profile image.
  • Other bug fixes and optimization.

Be on the look out for the update soon!

Thanks for #chasingwatts #findyourride

Private Rides

For those instances where you want to ride with specific friends, you can now create a private ride within Chasing Watts!  Simple, when adding a new ride, just check the “Private Ride” option.

Once the ride has been created, you can invite your friends or groups!

Private rides do not show up in the upcoming rides section and are limited to viewing only by those who have been invited (or the ride owner).

Enjoy and thanks for Chasing Watts!  Go find your ride!